South Africans goes to Mind Museum

Last September 22, 2017 we go at Mind Museum. It was my favorite part of the trip because we made a vanilla ice cream with dry ice, however it tastes awful (haha a bit acidic)

Moreover we roam around in the museum and we learned a lot that is connected in our subjects specifically science. There’s an exhibit called “The strange world of the very small” and it shows different artifacts.

Here are some photos from the exhibit:


It shows an erlenmeyer flask with famous scientists that discovered/made an experiments that helped us in our present time.


This photo is like an octahedral cave with organic molecules. This cave like shows the bonding of different organic molecules.


This picture is one of my favorite because i love chocolatess!! (hehe) You wouldn’t imagine that this yummy chocolate is made up of atoms and different molecules. (Because we just care how it taste)

Mind Museum 021

This artifact shows the table of elements and their uses.


This artifact shows how radiation will work if you move the hand of both robots; one with metal like and one with the other.


All in all I had fun in our stay in Mind Museum, because I enjoyed learning science with different exhibits and artifact and activities. I hope that this experience will be repeated.



Learning how to play frisbee is such a good experience and sharing it with other people is an amazing one.
Last March 9 and 10, we the grade 11 students taught grades 3-6 frisbee. First we taught them how throw and catch properly. After that we did some drills to challenge them and we were amazed by this kids because they’re such a fast learners.
Moreover we instruct them the rules and regulations in playing frisbee. After doing so we tried to play with them, disc here and disc there. And yayyy they know how to play we’re ready to play the game on the other day.
Friday, March 10 We did warm ups first and a little catch and throw drills. After that we started the game, we played 2 games at the same time so the time will be used well. So it’s blue team vs. red team and yellow team vs green team. Watching them play is the cutest thing ever because some them doesn’t know how to throw but they still try and make it up for the team. You can hear cheering here and there (haha).
For the championship it’s blue team (yay my team) vs green team. The game were kinda long because they we’re all good it takes time to have a winner and in the end it’s my team!! (BLUE) *laughs.
Teaching them was never easy for the reason that they’re noisy and “makulit”. Some aren’t listening while some are determined to learn how to play. Some of them were boasting that they’re better than the other kids (in a cute way though).
The whole experience was fun because I got to know and bond with other kids. Sharing your knowledge to other people would be one of the best thing you can do. As one wise man said “we are all learners, doers and teachers.”

Fischer Wisdom


Experimenting is one of the most exciting things to do in Chemistry. In our Chem. Class, we are tasked to do an experiment called Fischer Esterifications. So our group divided the things to bring to each of us.  On the day of the test; we prepare the things we are going to use, check if the materials are complete, and so on. After doing so, we started to do the experiment we divided the tasks for us to save time and also for us to complete the whole experiment. My group mate Elaine did the measurement of the organic acid and the alcohol. Qiara did the cleaning and helped Elaine as well as Bjorn who helped them to put the mixture and to put it on the hot plate, while I observe and distinguish if the hot plate were hot or if the mixture is already okay to smell. As the time pass by our experimentation is going well, however, our hot plate is taking too long to boil so what we do is we combine the test tube in one glass jar and boil it together, so it’ll be fast. After the first batch of the mixture boiled we started smelling it and somehow we smelled something that is different from the first smell of the mixtures. So we’re kinda’ happy because our experiment is doing well. On the other hand, some of the jars of the other groups started to crack while ours isn’t; we also borrowed a bowl-like to Ms. Daisy. When we’re ready to smell the mixture, my teammate accidentally pulls all the test tube causing the other one to slip into the bowl and it being spilled with the water. Even if that happens we remain calm and redo that mixture, but the time is limited, so we didn’t finish the experiment.

The whole experience was fun because I got to learn new things and reminisce some of my childhood memories because of the smell of one of the esters which are a plastic balloon. And we got a lot of points because of the experiment. (hehe)  I would love to finish and redo the test over again.


“You have to make a fitness event” after our teacher mentioned that we have to make a fitness event, everyone in the class started to get excited about what are we going to do. After talking and discussing we first came up with a fun run or color run, but it got rejected because there’s only a little time to prepare so we all agreed that we would do and dance Zumba.

The fitness event will be held during the foundation week of Stonyhurst Southville International School, specifically February 7, 2017. The class is group into two. Mikkel Tapay heads the first batch at the same time as Katya Maz in the second. The first group which includes me is in charge for the warm up and set one of the Zumba while the second group is responsible for set two and the cooling down. Our class also decided to have a shirt for the fitness event, so we decide what will be the design of the shirt. This is what we came up with, a statement “TRUST THE PROCESS” in front of the shirt because e believe that to obtain your goals you have to trust yourself and the process itself. While for the back of the shirt it’s a word SEN10RS that presents us the SHS students and the ten for the inTENse 10th-year of Stonyhurst Malarayat.


photo credits: The Herald Group of Publications

The given experience for us is very exciting and pressuring at the same time. We have almost two weeks preparation to think and practice our steps. Both groups have to consider movements that are also appropriate for the little kids, so they can also join and enjoy the exercises.

I had fun and enjoyed practicing with my groupmates though there’s a little “tampuhan.” (hehe, energy kasi guys!) Going back to our Zumba thingy the day has come that we’ll perform, gosh I’m so nervous haha. We presented in front of the whole SSIS-M community. Our chosen song for the warm up is the Fire Burning Sean Kingston. That can also burn your fats when you exercise with us; The Club can’t handle me by Flo Rida for our set one while Trumpets for set two and All of Me by John Legend for the cooling down. The songs got us energized because of its quite fast beat and really calming for the cooling down.

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Gladly the SSIS-M students and teachers participated and had a good time “Zumba-ing” with us. I can say that our whole event was a job well-done. It wouldn’t be a success if it weren’t for our hard work, unity and the courage to improve what is better for our Zumba presentation. Quant Je Puis!

Question your world…

What is the world made of?  What is out there? How did we get here?

The story of science has a great impact on our lives. Evidently, science is all around us. Science made history and history made science. It is a tale of proof, power, and passion. A long time ago, people believed that there are only four elements on this planet and that is water, air, fire, and earth. Is there nothing else but these elements existing in our world?

Admit it or not, you were once curious about “what is the world made of?” Well after watching a video about the story of science, I have gained new knowledge about what is the world made of and let me share you some of this things.

Hennig Brand is an alchemist from Germany who seeks and wants to make sense of the philosopher’s stone which is capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold or silver.  Using human urine, he extracted and discovered white phosphorous which needed to make our match and is the natural form of phosphorus. But he of course, never found the philosopher’s stone. Despite the fact that the alchemists made a lot of mistakes and a few discoveries, they’ve helped by discovering the use of laboratory instruments. I can say that without them, the modern scientists would have had a hard time conceiving things.

On the other hand, there is also a wise man that is looking for God not only in the Bible but also in the natural world. He wanted to prove the hidden mysteries of nature; he is nothing else but Joseph Priestley. Priestley using his experiments in gasses and air will set a new vision to what is the world made of. He heats different contents including the alchemists’ favorite, red calx. Priestley heated the red calx at a very high temperature, and as time passes, this red powder turned into a shiny metal called mercury. After discovering mercury, he used a particular lab instrument to collect a certain gas/air within the experiment and identified his so-called “good air.” It turned out that this good air will be one of the most salient air here in the earth and can transmit and propagate fire.

Moreover, Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, and Antoine Lavoisier has the objective to define the new science of chemistry. He takes note of the invention of Priestly on how to make this “good air” so he then re-experiment and after doing so, he named this good air, oxygen the gas of life. But then, Lavoisier isn’t satisfied on what he had discovered, so he decided to do the invention process in reverse and later on reveal one of the fundamental principles of chemistry. He also found an inflammable gas called Hydrogen.

One significant and modern process of breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen is electrolysis, wherein the water passes through electricity. Lavoisier then named as the father of modern chemistry.

After learning this new knowledge, even you can say that our world is made up of a lot of elements. Scientists have more to discover in the earth, and as they got curious, they got to theorize bunch of theory. These discoveries would spawn into new technologies and philosophies. Science has a great impact on our lives which will make our world finer and better.

Quantum Leap

After watching the video of  Quantum Mechanics, I’ve learned a lot of things and left with plenty of questions.

Quantum mechanics are laws that redefine our understanding of reality, and it rules in every atom and every piece of matter. So what if this theory isn’t just telling us about small things, what if it is telling us about reality? They’ve used them for 75 years for predicting how atoms and particles should behave, experiment after experiment, the quantum laws has always been right.

A scientist named Niel Bohr depict that atoms are like our solar system but unlike the solar system nucleus can’t move in just any orbit instead only certain orbits were allowed. When an atom is heated, the electron becomes agitated it moves to another orbit and when it moves, and each downward leap it emits energy in the form of light in a very particular wavelength, and this is when we get the phrase quantum leap.

But then again quantum mechanics, the word itself is a game of chance. All atoms and subatomic particles in this world are ruled by probability, not a certainty. On the other hand, Einstein refused to believe this, and he once said that “God does not throw dice,” I also think that God do all of these with certainty and purpose.

I believe that there is a lot to learn and numerous discoveries in Quantum Mechanics.

Everything is connected and the path leads to you.

As I am listening to the discussion of my teacher, I wondered where the universe came from. Then booyah! My teacher let us watch a film about how it started, from the big bang to the present day, how planet prepared for the rise of man, how the stone age led to the steam engine, and how the first seed sprouted into cities and civilization.

At the moment I am watching the film, there is one line that catches my attention that everything that exists and everything that will happen begins within a tiny bundle of energy, and that is where the big bang started. It went from a size smaller than an atom to larger than a galaxy or rather universe.

And it says that after billion of years universe is using hydrogen to make everything in the world around us. When hydrogen atoms slam together, it is creating a new element called Helium, and it radiates a lot of energy. When those elements are in their work, the first stars were born. Afterward, those first stars exploded like fireworks. It blew beautifully, and these explosions are called the supernova.

Just as they explode, they are already creating the element that will spur the iron age. Supernovas were necessary for us to be here. Because we are all made of the particles from the stars and that is also why we’re called Stardust. After some more explosions and rebirth of the stars, finally, there are enough materials gathered a new star is born, and it is our sun. But there’s still some material/gravity to make planets. The third of these planets is our home the earth.

If you see the picture of the first surface of the earth, you will think it is another alien planet. As the gravity do its work, the crust becomes stable, and the core became an iron-nickel core that creates the magnetic field that will protect our earth. Soon this magnetic field will allow for life to grow. For us to have a life in our planet we, need rainfall and water. So let the water vapor steam in the atmosphere do the work, and when the earth is cooling down, rain pours down, and it forms puddles to lakes and eventually our oceans.

Since there are permanents oceans and such, life can now exist, and that’s when the life on earth started and how the universe is created.


My kinda corny, funny, and “nakakakilig” short story. 🙂 ❤


Sofia Andre Torrano

Nagsimula ang lahat noong sila ay nasa unang taon ng high school. Napagtripang ng magkakaibigang Shann, Dixie, at Katana na tanungin kung sino ang gusto ni Bullet. Si Bullet ay isang transferee noong taong iyon. May pagka maangas at mataray ngunit mabait. At iyon nga tinatanong ng magkakaibigan kung sino ang kanyang gusto dahil ang isa nilang kaibigan ay may gusto dito.

Habang tinatanong ni Katana si Bullet ay niloloko niya din ito. “Yieee, ako ang crush niyan eh.” Pero hindi niya inaasahan ang isasagot ni Bullet na “Oo, ikaw nga” at bigla na lamang lumipad ang mga paru-paru sa kanyang tiyan. Kahit hindi niya sabihin ay halatang kinilig ng bahagya si Katana. Pagkatapos umamin ni Bullet kay Katana ay mas lalo silang naging malapit sa isa’t isa.

Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan nagdesisyon na si Bullet na ligawan si Katana. Lagi niya itong hinahatid, lagi niyang pinaparamdam kung gaano niya kamahal ang dalaga. Mahigit apat na buwan siyang nanligaw kay Katana, bakasyon na bago niya nakamit ang matamis na oo ng dalagang si Katana.

Dahil nga masyado pa silang bata hindi nila alam ang gagawin kaya napagdesisyonan nila na maghiwalay muna. Naging magkaklase muli sila ni Katana noong ikalawang taon nila sa high school. Naging mag-kaibigan naman sila at nakakapag-usap. Mga buwan ng Agosto nagtanong siya kay Katana kung pwedeng maging okay ulit sila, ngunit hindi pumayag ang dalaga. Kaya nagpursigi siyang manligaw at patunayan na mahal pa niya ang dalaga ginawa niya ang lahat para mapasagot ulit ang dalaga. Nagdaan ang ang mga buwan masyadong naadik ang binata sa larong DOTA at masyado siyang nawalan ng oras sa dalaga. At sa mga panahon din iyon napalipat si Bullet sa ibang seksyon dahil sa taglay niyang kalokohan kaya sa ikalawang pagkakataon muli silang naghiwalay kaya lalong nagloko si Bullet.

Kinausap ng mama ni Bullet si Katana na kung pwede ay wag iwanan ni Katana si Bullet dahil sa kanya lamang nakikinig ang kanyang anak. Kaya pumayag naman ang dalaga at natuwa siya na may tiwala ang mama ni Bullet sa kanya.

Naging maayos ang pagsasama/relasyon nila hanggang sa makarating sila sa ikatlong taon ng high school pero sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, pinabuksan ni Bullet ang kanyang facebook account kay Katana para batiin ang kaibigan nilang may kaarawan na si Pao. Bigla na lang naisip ni Katana na buksan ang mga mensahe ni Bullet sa Facebok. Kampante naman siya na wala siyang makikitang iba, pero nagkamali siya. Nakita ni Katana ang pakikipag-usap ni Bullet sa ibang babae, ang masakit pa dito nagkagusto si Bullet sa iba at masyado silang sweet sa isa’t isa

Pero hindi umiyak si Katana nanatili siyang matapang dahil alam niya na natukso lamang si Bullet. Kinabukasan pinrint ni Katana ang paguusap ni Bullet at ng ibang babae na nakita niya. Nilagay niya ito sa magagandang papel at ginawang scrapbook. Sakto yun ang ireregalo niya sa kanilang “monthsary”. Noong araw nilang iyon hindi pumasok si Bullet. “Sayang naman” sabi ni Katana. Ngunit alam ni Katana kung saan pupuntahan si Bullet.

Pagkatapos ng klase niya sa hapon, nagpasama si Katana sa kaniyang mga kaibigan para ibigay ang kanyang “munting regalo” kay Bullet. Nagpunta sila sa bahay ni Tita Aba, para na din nilang mama si Tita Aba dahil lagi silang nakatambay sa bahay nito. Tama nga ang kutob ni Katana na nagcutting na naman si Bullet. Binigay na niya ang kanyang regalo kay Bullet, pagkabukas ng binata nabigla ang kanyang mukha, nangigilid ang luha at tila’y naging balisa. Umalis na lang bigla si Katana at tuluyan ng umuwi. Hindi na naabutan ni Bullet si Katana para magpaliwanag.

Nanatili ang malamig na pakikisama ni Katana sa binata ng halos isang buwan. Hindi niya kinakausap o sinasagot ang tawag ng binata. Nagkasama lamang muli sila noong namatay ang lola ng kanilang kaibigan. Bago sila pumunta ay humiling si Bullet na makausap si Katana para magpaliwanag, at pumayag naman si Katana. Habang siya ay nagpapaliwanag bigla na lamang siyang tumungo at tuluyan ng napaiyak. Nagalala na si Katana dahil iyon ang unang beses niyang nakitang umiyak si Bullet. Noon lang napatunayan ng dalaga na kapag ang lalaki umiyak sa harapan mo mahal ka talaga noon.

Naging maayos na muli ang magkasintahan. Hanggang sa makaabot na sila sa ika-apat na taon nila sa high school, wala nang nangyayare na malalaking away. Sabay silang lumago at sabay silang gumulang. Magkasama silang mag completion rights para sa ika-sampung baitang.

Ngunit nag-kahiwalay sila ng paaralan na pinasukan para sa kolehiyo. Naging malayo sila sa isa’t isa. Isa sa kanluran at isa sa silangan. Hindi naging madali sa kanila ang ganitong sistema, dahil nasanay silang laging magkasama at magkakulitan. Ang dating araw araw nilang pagsasama ay naging isang araw sa isang linggo na lamang, minsan nga wala pa. Ang dating ararw araw nilang paguusap sa personal ay naging video call na lamang. Masyado na nilang nami-miss ang isa’t isa. Dahil dito hindi na nila gaanong maintindihan ang isa’t isa. Natutong magsinungaling ang binatang si Bullet. Isang gabi nagpaalam si Bullet na tatambay siya kina Tita Aba, pumayag naman si Katana. Kinabukasan nalaman na lamang ng dalaga sa kanyang kaibigan na nagpunta pala si Bullet sa ibang bayan kasama ang ilan niyang barkada na may kasamang babae para mag-inom.

Nasaktan ang dalaga pero naisip niya na “Hindi pwedeng paikutin ko lang ang mundo niya sa akin, kelangan din niya ng libreng oras para sa kanyang mga kaibigan.” Kaya nagdesisyon si Katana na makipag hiawalay muna siya ng panandalian kay Bullet para bigyan siya ng kaunting espasyo. Umiyak na namang muli si Bullet pero di kalaunan ay pumayag na din siya sa gusto ng dalaga.

Pagkaraan ng ilang linggo hindi na natiis ni Katana na hindi makipag-usap kay Bullet, kaya tinawagan niya ito pero hindi sumasagot ang binata. Pinuntahan niya si Bullet sa kanyang boarding hose ngunit sabi ng kaibigan niya ay lumipat na daw si Bullet. Pagkaraan ng ilang araw nakatanggap si Katana ng sulat mula kay Bullet na nagsasabing magkita sila sa isang lugar para makapag-usap.

Kinagabihan ng araw ng kanilang pagkikita nagpunta na si Katana sa usapang lugar, hindi si Bullet ang nakita niya doon ngunit ang kapatid niya na si Carren na may dalang kahon habang napapaluha. Binuksan ni Katana ang kahon, nakita niya ang laman nitong Abo. Tumulo na lamang ang luha ng dalaga at inisip niya ang masasayang araw nila ni Bullet. Nagsisisi siya na dapat hindi na lamang niya ginawa iyon.

Lumipas ang ilang linggo, may bigla na lamang tumunog sa kanyang cellphone noong nakita niya kung sino ang tumatawag kinilabutan siya dahil nakita niya ang pangalan ni Bullet. Nagsalita ang binata “Katana, sana natanggap mo ang regalo kong Polvoron, diba paborito mo yan.” Hindi alam ni Katana kung maiiyak siya o matatawa sa kanyang nalaman. Pagkatapos ng pangyayaring iyon, naging maayos, matatag, at lalong mas masaya ang kanilang relasyon.

My Footprints…

My digital footprint is kinda broad because i use a lot of sites in the internet like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and such. I also always update it everytime i can. I can say that i posted a lot of things. I consider it as my footprints i leave online.

If there’s some thing i want it to say about me.I want it to say that i am well raised by my parents and guardians. That i respect people who deserve my resprect. And most specially that i am a responsible person that know how to properly use media sites.

For me, positive digital reputation is imporatant because you never know what might happen if your informations get into the wrong hands. You should make sure you do not post anything on the web that you would not want any of your family members to see. Also for future reference, you may be applying for a job/university etc. Your background should be decent enough.

She is dating the Gangster’s Author in the House

A unique author gives a visit to our school to tell us some things about her writing experience. It is no other than the author of She’s Dating the Gangster, a movie blockbuster hit. It is exciting that a famous author will share and give a talk about her novel. She told us that she didn’t expect that her novel will be that famous. Miss Bianca wrote it when she was in college just randomly typing the story either when she is free or when she is bored in her class.

It is a story came from what ifs. What if a boy wanted you to be his girlfriend unexpectedly? What if he wants her ex-girlfriend to be jealous of you? What if she is sick? What if you’re also sick? What if there is no cure for your illness? That is some of what ifs in her mind because of that what ifs she surprisingly came up with a good story.

She told us that some of the characters are a real person. But the whole characters in the story were her. She distributes her personality in each character so that she can understand each feeling. Miss Bianca also told us that if she was given a chance to change her story; she wouldn’t make any difference even if she wanted to. Because the whole story won’t be the same, She’s Dating the Gangster anymore if she changes some of it.

Miss Bianca does not want to be that famous or well known. Because for her, it will just stress her out if a lot of people know her. She didn’t even want to read the comments of her book due to the reason that she does not want to read bad comments about her novel.

These are some of the things she shared with us. I hope someday I have the chance to meet her again. For me, she truly is an inspiration. ❤

Rights and Responsibility

“Media products may or may not be healthy and truthful depending on the way they are created. Therefore consumers must be aware of the media products they entertain.”

A wise man once said, “We believe that we are the consumers, but we are the consumed.”

As a consumer, we must be aware of the quality of the goods we will buy through media. It is our duty to educate ourselves about the products we will purchase. Producers always make sure that they always make a good market. Even if they are exaggerating or lying about their merchandise. That is why it is our responsibility to be mindful of the products we will purchase. As well as to read and follow any product instructions or warnings, to keep ourselves safe. We have our rights as a consumer, but we should also remember that we also have our responsibilities. 🙂

Media and Information Literacy

Media and information literacy is important to the rapid growth of media and ICTs. It sees media and information literacy as vital to the empowerment of people. ICTs in education and equitable access to information and knowledge. –UNESCO

We know that our world keeps developing especially in technological advances. With that they discover ways making people closer to each other and that is through media particularly social media. I believe that Media and Information Literacy is important in the rapid growth of media and ICTs. As we express our thoughts freely it empowers people in social media and if we post some of our thoughts a lot of people can react and see it. Some may understand your thoughts but some can misunderstand or be offended in your opinion. Through Media and Information Literacy we will know how to properly use media, we can learn a lot from it, it builds a connection to the people who use media.

Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low but the debts are high
And you want to smile but have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit

Life is queer with it’s twists and turns
As everyone of us sometimes learns
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won if he’d stick it out
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow
You might succeed with another blow

Often the struggler has given up
When he might captured the victor’s cup
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down
How close he was to the golden crown

Success is a failure turned inside out
The silver tint of clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems afar
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit

So for me,
Life is odd because of the challenge it brings. Sometimes you are happy, but there comes a time you want to cry. Sometimes you feel that the path you have taken only gives you burdens and sufferings. Once in a while, you fancy about buying everything you want, but your bills are piling up. Moreover, in life, it does not always go as you plan it. One can easily give up when they are facing problems. However, you should not just give in with that problems because you can always learn something from it. Many failures become a life lesson for us. If you fail, you should always try once more to achieve success. Even it feels like it is taking you forever to reach your goal. You should stop doubting and start believing in yourself enough to continue pushing towards your goals. You never know how near you are to your goals. Because the time when you want to give up is the time your breakthrough is probably just around the corner. It maybe always giving us a hard time because that is the reality of life. When you quit immediately, you might realize further that you are about to succeed. It is more than okay if you want to take a break, but you should not make giving up an option. You should never give up because one only understand how precious something is until they decided to let it go. You should hold on especially when it’s most difficult because you have gone too far for you to quit. 🙂 ❤

Point of view

I learned in the video conference that we have different perspectives and opinions about a certain topic like peace and conflicts; some may see peace by playing football, praying and talking to their friends, some may see conflicts in misunderstanding and ignorance. And we shouldn’t judge someone just because we don’t understand or just because we have different opinion. Every one of us has different cultures and beliefs but by putting our feet into their shoes and understanding them can make peace. Understanding them may be a small thing but I know it can make a big difference.

I see peace in my life when I simply listen to music, talk to my friends, bond with my family and when I sleep. By doing such things my mind is at peace. It doesn’t need to be a big thing to experience peace in our life, while I see conflict whenever I see people arguing because of misunderstanding and ignorance.

For me Peace is attainable if all of us will accept or respect each other’s feeling, if we put out feet in their shoes, if we try to love each other and try to understand each situation by simply doing those things we can attain peace

Becoming a peace maker starts with oneself. I can sacrifice or change the way I think, and take time to listen to other people’s opinion. Because I believe that communication is power. Instead of debating and trying to change others the way they think, by doing so I can overcome anything and create many things especially peace. Peace starts when I try to learn than put out just my view.



Tolerating myself in frustrations,conflicts and in pressure are hard to do because I tend to think negative thoughts such as I won’t be able to accomplish some task in a certain time. And if I’m in the mid of a situation that will test my frustration, conflicts, and will surely pressure me and lately I’m in a lot of a situation like this. I will calm down first and try to relax then I’ll pray and ask God to give me the strength to do it. After doing that I’ll think of what solutions or what will I do to make it already done.